How to Edit Your Hosts File (Mac)

To change or update your hosts file on a Mac machine you'll want to follow these instructions. We strongly suggest making a copy of your hosts file before making any changes!

Blog PostHow to Edit Your Hosts File on a Mac Computer

Follow these steps to edit your hosts file:
  • Open Terminal by pressing CTRL + Spacebar or open the Spotlight search and search for "Terminal"
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard to open Terminal
  • Type sudo nano /etc/hosts
  • Type in the Password to your computer (it won’t show the text in Terminal, but the text is actually being entered). Once you have typed your Password press the Enter key
  • Press the DOWN arrow key to get to the bottom of the hosts file
  • Add your Shared IP along with your domain to the hosts file
  • Hold the CONTROL button and press the letter O (CTRL + O) and press ENTER
  • Hold the CONTROL button on your keyboard and press the letter X (CTRL + X)
Edit Hosts File on Mac

Edit Hosts File on Mac
Edit Hosts File on Mac

Now that you've successfully updated your Mac's hosts file you'll be able to access your site from the PeoplesHost server. Once you've updated your domain's nameservers you'll want to remove the lines you added to your hosts file. Once your new nameservers have fully propagated youre site will be accessible online from the new server to your site's visitors.

If you have any questions about this practices please submit a ticket or contact support. We'd be more than happy to assist you!

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