Update Your Billing Information

Card details change and often need to be updated. For those of you who have a credit card on file you can change or update your credit card details in your billing account.

1. Log into your billing account by clicking this link: https://my.peopleshost.com/clientarea.php

2. Located in the top right of the page and click the HELLO, NAME! (where NAME is displayed from the name you have on file) and click the Manage Credit Card link in the drop down menu.

3. On the next page you can add a new credit card or update your existing credit card information.

4. Click the Save Changes button when completed.

How to remove your credit card details from your account
For invoicing and billing purposes you are not allowed to remove your card details from your account directly through your billing account. To remove your credit card from your account you must submit a ticket to our billing department. A member of our billing and support team will then remove the card details from your account.

If you are submitting a request to remove your card from the account please remember to either 1) add a new credit card to your account or 2) set up a recurring payment via PayPal. When you receive your next invoice you'll have the option to pay with credit card or through PayPal. If your payment is made through PayPal a recurring payment will automatically be set up for you.

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