Registering private nameservers

You can register private nameservers and use those nameservers on your hosting plan here at PeoplesHost. Any shared, VPS, or Dedicated plans will work without issue. Additionally, if you have hosting elsewhere but your domain is managed here, this tutorial will still apply.

The first step in registering your private nameservers is to obtain the IP addresses you will use for those nameservers. If you’re on a shared hosting plan, you’ll want to use the ns1 & ns2 IP’s from your hosting account welcome email that you received when you signed up for the account. If you are on a VPS or Dedicated server plan, you’ll use the same IP’s there as well. Otherwise, contact your hosting provider for this information.

Once you have the IP’s, you can login to your secure client area here –, and select the “Domains” heading as show below.

Private Nameservers

Click the drop down, followed by the manage domain link.

Private Nameservers

Select “Private Nameservers” from the navigation menu on the left.

Private Nameservers

Simply enter ns1,in the primary box, followed by the IP’s you found in your account welcome email from earlier.

Private Nameservers

You’ll want to do the same from the ns2 record.

Once that’s complete, you’ll want to navigate back to your Domains >> Manage and point the domain you just setup custom nameservers. Point the nameservers at the same nameservers you just created (i.e & You can review the tutorial on how to update your nameservers here --

Finally, you’ll want to edit your domains DNS zone file so that you replace the original nameservers, with the nameservers you just created above.

If you’re not sure, please review the following tutorials. WebsitePanel -- or cPanel/WHM --

Any issues getting this accomplished, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support department for further assistance.

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