Which domain option should I choose during checkout?

Register a new domain.
- Customers would typically choose this option when they are setting up a new account and purchasing a new domain with their account. You would also use this option if you are buying an additional domain for your account.

Transfer your existing domain from another registrar.
 - Customers would want to choose this option when they would want to transfer their domain to PeoplesHost after their account has been migrated and everything is hosted here. This would be the last step of the migration process, and you will need to provide your EPP code in order to initiate the transfer process. This can be obtained from the current registrar/host.

I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.
- You would choose this option if you are a new customer and we are going to be performing a migration of your website. Customers would also choose this option if they manage DNS for their domain elsewhere and would like to sign up for an account using that domain.

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